Amber Sea – A Unique Piece of Art For Small Spaces

Amber Sea combines a unique mix of natural and man-made elements to create a stunning piece of art. This petite piece is easy to fit into small spaces and will add a pop of color to any interior design. It can be used as a wall hanging or table decoration, creating colorful shadows and a sense of depth. It also comes in an organic shape reminiscent of coral which makes it a great piece to display as a sculpture or installation on its own.

Baltic amber is a fossilized resin formed in ancient forests of northern Europe 34-48 million years ago, and has long been revered for its healing properties. The oil within the amber can be absorbed into the skin to relieve pain.

It is believed to have magical properties, as well. The ancient Greeks believed that it was the “fifth element,” or akasha, that binds the earth, air, fire and water, thereby strengthening and reinforcing magic. In Chinese cosmology, it is a symbol for the fifth element of metal, a powerful conductor of electricity.

Among the many benefits of amber, it is also known for its pain reliving properties that can help reduce muscle aches and joint pains. The heat from the amber when worn against the skin causes an oil to be released, which is absorbed by the skin and reduces pain.

Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and is often used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, and back pain. It is also said to stimulate circulation in the body and help relieve symptoms of eczema.

It is said that amber has the power to ward off evil spirits, and it has been used in omen magic for millennia. It is also thought to have the ability to repel insects and animals, which is why it is often used as a protective talisman.

The Baltic region is well-known for its amber industry. Over the centuries, this has been a significant part of the culture and economy of this area. It was traded throughout Europe, and was considered to be a sign of wealth, as well as an expression of a tribe’s loyalty to its motherland.

One of the most important amber industries in the world is found in the city of Gdansk, which has been at the heart of the industry for hundreds of years. It is based on the tradition of processing and cutting amber with archaic tools, mostly by hand.

Its origins and lore can be traced back to the Bronze Age in the Nordic region, and the trade has continued down through history. In the Middle Ages, the first amber workshops appeared near the modern city of Gdansk, which was a very important hub in the trade.

As the amber trade spread, more and more workshops appeared across Poland and the Baltic regions. These craftsmen were very masterful in their craft, and it is a testament to their skill that the famous amber room in Gdansk, sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world, was created. Amber Sea

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