Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most important decisions parents will ever make. There are many factors to consider, including meaning, popularity, and pronunciation. It is also important to keep in mind that some cultures have different rules regarding names.

While the modern invented names like Jaden, Hayden, and Jordan are still popular picks for boys (and girls), there are plenty of other options available. Older names that have been out of fashion for decades are coming back into style and making a splash. Perhaps it’s because they feel less rushed and more classic. Or maybe it’s because of the pop culture associations that come with them. Ezra, for instance, is on the rise thanks to its Biblical association with a man who helped people escape from slavery. And Khaleesi, the Game of Thrones character’s name, is a rising choice for baby girls.

Other notable boy names include Unwin, from the 7th Century Old English name Hunwine, which means “bear cub” and “friend.” Virgil, for the future poet in your family, is an older but still strong option. Willis, a masculine and sturdy name that reminds us of a powerful military leader, is another traditional option. Yule, a Christmastime name that’s sure to make your little one a beloved member of the family, is a fun choice as well.

A naming ceremony is sometimes held after a child’s birth in a church or other place of worship, and often includes religious leaders and close friends and family members. Sometimes a spiritual name is given at this time as well, which will be recorded on the child’s official birth certificate.

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