Diamond Jewelry – Mystique Around Diamond Jewelry

Talk of diamond jewelry and the first images that come to one’s mind are mystic but beautiful, strangely enchanting women. Over the past years, advertisements of diamond jewelry have used this visual to enhance the magic further. They are not just any adornment. If they were they wouldn’t have been so very expensive. They have meant much more to the human race over generations. That is why, irrespective of the region on the world map, civilizations have always associated diamond jewelry with the highest like the kings, nobles etc.

Diamond jewelry owes its charm to its exquisite beauty, especially the multitude of colors reflecting from each of the stones that make it up. Diamonds to mankind represent purity and strength, two qualities that have always been respected and hence draw so much attention at the sub-conscious level. We often get words of advice about how only the best come out of real fire, very much metaphorical to the way diamonds are formed under high temperature and pressure. It’s that quality of theirs that adheres to the human spirit.

Diamond jewelry is also highly symbolic of the social status, perhaps because of their high cost. Nothing raises one’s esteem in another’s opinion the way diamonds do, in terms of financial standing. The same fact has been often found true with the olden generations too. Diamond is often depicted with great detail adorning a queen or a king in medieval paintings. Down the ages, perhaps the size of the stones has come down, but not their value.

Diamond jewelry is often the insignia of a family too. In many cases, it’s passed down from generation to generation. In some tradition rich countries, the whole act of passing the jewelry from the mother in law to the daughter in law is a highly elaborate and celebrated occasion. Symbolically, diamond is presented by the elders to the daughter of the house, implying she has to do her best to safeguard the family values to which she has now been bonded to for life. Some families have lost their financial standing over the years, but few would part with their diamond.

In some colonial countries, diamond had been taken away from the regional monarchs or nobles, and transported back home. In some places, kings befriended the colonial invaders and offered them their friendship and diamond had as a sign of friendship. Diamond was regarded as the ultimate gift to anyone, for they symbolized beauty, clarity, strength and wealth and only the mightiest of hearts could part with such precious objects. diamond painting eigenes bild

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