Feld Fire Carry a Variety of Portable Fire Pumps

The fire safety systems found in many buildings and spaces rely on a portable fire pump to pressurize the water used for sprinkler systems. These pumps are the key to distributing water throughout the system so that any part of a room is protected in case of an emergency. If your fire department is looking to add a new portable fire pump or replace an existing one, Feld Fire has an assortment of options that are sure to fit your needs.

The type of fire pump your fire department uses will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the potential fire hazard and the available water supply. Depending on these factors, you may need a high or low pressure fire pump. In addition, the size of nozzles and hoses you have will also play a role in what kind of fire pump you need.

We carry a wide range of portable fire fighting pumps, including some of the industry’s most popular brands. These include Darley fire pumps, Koshin Honda fire pumps and Gorman Rupp fire pumps. These fire pumps come in both gas and propane powered models to provide the flexibility you need for your department. We also have all the fire hoses needed to run your new fire pumps.

Angus Fire Portable Firefighting Pumps

The Angus fire fighting pumps offered at Feld Fire are made by the world’s leading manufacturers, and use the latest advances in engine technology, materials and pump design to create portable fire pumps that are both reliable and practical for firefighters. All Angus Fire pumps can be operated from the STORMforce portable pump trailer, and come with all of the hoses and tools you need to get the job done right away.

Our smallest category portable fire pumps are designed to be the perfect choice for wild land firefighting and interagency hot shot crews, as well as for forest, home, and cottage protection. These lightweight fire pumps offer a great balance of power and convenience, and feature a simple, easy to start centrifugal pump.

For fire departments that need a bit more power than the smallest portable fire pump, we offer several medium and large portable fire pumps from Mercedes. These larger models are built to be mounted on a skid or permanently attached, and can offer higher pressures than other models in the same class. We also have some high pressure fire pumps that are built for rugged conditions, such as wild land firefighting and wild fire suppression. These units have a higher level of durability, and use an impeller drive that helps to increase performance and decrease maintenance. portable fire pump

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