Is Only a Diet Required For Healthy Skin?

Boy did I learn a valuable lesson. The diet required for healthy skin is not much different from the one that you should be trying to follow everyday, anyway. There is a noted dermatologist that authored a book claiming that specific foods will make you look younger, in just a few days. But, when pressed by a reporter, he admitted that he simply wanted people to make more healthy food choices. So, he was appealing to their vanity.

There is no single specific diet required for healthy skin. You should eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, preferably organic. You should choose lean protein from chicken, eggs, fish and turkey. If you are vegan, you can choose protein-rich soy, tofu, beans or lentils.

The value of dairy products is somewhat questionable, especially if you have acne. Studies suggest that milk and other dairy products may aggravate the condition. But, you do need to get enough calcium and vitamin D, every day. Kelp is a good source of calcium and one of the skin’s functions is to synthesize vitamin D from the sun, although cosmetics and sunscreens interfere with that function.

There are individual variables that could determine the diet required for healthy skin in your own case. For example, if you are suffering from specific diseases or unwanted skin-conditions, such as acne, psoriasis or eczema, there could be specific nutritional deficiencies in your current diet.

I always recommend that you see a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a holistic practitioner or an MD that does not rely on drugs or surgical intervention. There are no quick fixes for most things, it takes a complete plan. So, even if you found a diet required for healthy skin, it would only be a single part of the plan.

To maintain the skin’s health, you need gentle daily cleansing. To avoid excessive dryness, you need to avoid chlorinated water. If you live in an area that uses chlorine to kill bacteria, you need a showerhead filter.

To prevent illness and diseases in later life, you need to avoid cosmetics that contain toxins. To reduce your risk of skin-cancer, you need to avoid overexposure to the sun. To prevent toxins from clogging the pores, you need to avoid cleansers and lotions that contain petrolatum.

I mentioned earlier that the diet required for healthy skin would preferably be all organic, because of the toxins that are present in the packaged and prepared foods that we eat, the herbicides and pesticides used on most farms and simply the higher nutritional content found in organic foods. But, if you really want to delay the signs of aging and look younger, you need to use¬†quality creams¬†that contain the necessary nutrients to support the skin’s health.

Make no mistake about it. You would want to make sure that the manufacturer tests the raw ingredients for toxic contaminants and checks each batch for purity. The ingredients to look for are those that are included in a diet required for healthy skin. It’s all about the nutritional content. Lip balm

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