Jeeter Pre Roll Review

Jeeter pre roll is a top-selling brand in California. Their infused and non-infused options are high-quality and contain kief to deliver a potent weed experience.

Founded in South Florida, they are now taking their bold, unapologetic cannabis culture out west to the Golden State. Their pre rolls and vape cartridges use a combination of premium indoor-grown flower, high-purity THC distillate, and sparkling kief crystals to deliver a strong, energizing high.

Their best-selling infused pre rolls are available in three sizes: 1g (Jeeter 1G), 2 grams (Jeeter XL), and a 5-pack of minis (Baby Jeeter). Every one is made with top-shelf, indoor-grown cannabis flower, rolled in kief, and packed to the brim with delicious flavor.

They offer a wide variety of strains and flavors that are perfect for every smoker. They have a selection of sativas, hybrids, and indicas that are sure to please any discerning bud smoker.

Peach Ringz Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls

This Peach Ringz strain is a cross between the delectable Marionberry and Eddy OG parent strains with a sweet, fruity flavor that’s reminiscent of peach. It’s also known for its relaxing effects and ability to help ease chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms.

These infused pre rolls are made from premium indoor-grown flower that’s never shaken and wrapped in a cannabis oil based kief coating. This makes the smoked joint last longer, and offers a consistent and flavorful smoking experience.

Their XL infused pre rolls are 2g artisan pre-roll tubes that come with a snazzy glass filter tip that helps keep your lips cool as you take a hit. They are painted with distillate and rolled in kief for added potency, making them an impressive addition to any dispensary’s collection.

The Baby Jeeter Infused Honeydew is a strain that has quickly become a crowd favorite. It’s a sweet, sherbet-like taste that is enhanced by the addition of mint to create a unique jellyroll flavor. This strain has a potent sativa buzz and is perfect for enjoying during the day or on a beach trip.

These infused pre rolls have a long shelf life and can be kept at room temperature to extend their lifespan. They’re a great choice for any marijuana user who’s looking to save time and money on their weed routine.

They’re also perfect for a night out or an event with friends and family. They’re available in a variety of flavors and are easy to find at many Valley Pure locations.

Their Baby Jeeter pre rolls are a popular option for those looking to get their fix on the go or just want to try something different. These half-gram minis are made with premium indoor-grown flower that’s rolled in kief, filled with flavor, and extremely powerful. They’re a good option for medium or low tolerance smokers who can easily make them last for several sessions.

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