Private Party in Cartagena Beaches

Whether you’re backpacking South America or just traveling for a vacation, it’s always nice to spend some time at the beach. And there are several great beaches around Cartagena where you can enjoy some relaxation in the sun and sand. Here are some of the best Private Party in cartagena beaches you can visit during your stay!

Bocagrande Beach is a popular choice among visitors, thanks to its wide swath of white sand and friendly, fun atmosphere. The water isn’t as clear and crystalline as other Cartagena beaches, but it’s still refreshingly cool to walk through in the heat of the day. The area also has plenty of places to relax, from chairs and umbrellas set up right on the sand to restaurants and bars with gorgeous terraces overlooking the ocean.

Another option is the secluded beach at La Boquilla. It’s located southwest of the city on the island of Baru and has a more laid-back vibe. The water is a beautiful turquoise color and the sand is sugary soft. It’s also surrounded by palm trees that sway with the breeze and shade you from the sun. Those looking for a bit of adventure can also take a boat tour to explore the nearby mangroves.

The most fun beach in Cartagena may be Cholon, a tiny bit of sand on the coast of Baru with waist deep water and a few rows of palm thatch huts for shade. It’s not as good for relaxing as the other beaches listed here, but it’s a great place to go to dance in the sand and meet new people.

Unlike many of the other beaches, there’s no public transportation to Cholon, so it requires a trip in a taxi or a mototaxi. But it’s worth it! It’s also one of the most diverse beaches in Cartagena, with a staff that’s BIPOC and queer.

Visiting a beautiful beach in Cartagena is one of the best things to do in Colombia, so make sure you check out these awesome beaches! Just be sure to keep an eye out for the vendors, because they can sometimes try to rip you off. You might be shown one price when ordering drinks or food, and then they’ll tack on an exorbitant fee for “service.” So always ask about prices before ordering! It’s also a good idea to bring cash, especially for food and drinks. You can usually get better prices when paying in local pesos. You can also use credit cards, but you’ll usually pay a higher rate that way. Private Party in cartagena beaches

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