Should Families Work With an Agency Or Find Someone on Their Own?

When families decide to hire a caregiver, they often face a dilemma: Should they work with an agency or find someone on their own? The answer can depend on a few key factors, including cost and caregiving needs. This article explores the pros and cons of both options.

A full service home caregiver agency like Assisting Hands has the staff, resources and experience to handle all aspects of hiring and managing a team of in-home care providers. Agencies set policies and procedures, recruit and interview candidates, provide training and ongoing support, conduct background and reference checks, and verify certifications. They also handle payroll and insurance (workers’ compensation, general liability and unemployment) for their employees, which saves the family time and expense. Agencies often charge a small administrative fee to cover these costs, but families benefit from the additional peace of mind and expertise that comes with this arrangement.

Agencies are a good option for families who require continuity of care and prefer the security of an agency-employed caregiver. In addition, agencies can often arrange backup care if a caregiver cancels at the last minute or is unable to work due to illness or an emergency. This provides peace of mind to both the caregiver and family, and eliminates a gap in care.

Caregivers who work independently of an agency may be better paid than those who are hired through an agency, which can be a drawback for some families. However, independent caregivers can often choose their clients and often change jobs if they don’t feel comfortable with the situation.

If a caregiver is employed by an agency, they are typically bonded and insured against theft. In contrast, independent caregivers are not bonded and do not have workers’ compensation coverage if they are injured on the job.

When searching for a home caregiver, it’s important to meet the candidate in person. During the first interview, ask about their background and experience, and request references. If the care recipient is able, invite them to the interview as well.

After the initial interview, you and your loved one should be able to select a caregiver who is a good fit. If necessary, you can arrange a trial period to make sure the relationship works out before making a final decision. During the trial period, the caregiver will get to know your loved one and will be able to tailor their care to their specific needs and preferences. They will also be able to adjust their schedule around your family’s schedule. If you are happy with the results, then you can hire them as a permanent employee. Then, you will be able to rest assured that your loved one has consistent and quality care. caregivers agency

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