Taxberater Hattingen und Umgebung

Our team has been advising Privatpersonen, Gewerbebetriebe and Freiberufler in Hattingen, Sprockhovel, Bochum, Witten, Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis and surrounding areas since 2012.

We offer:

A personal, professional approach to your steuerlichen & betriebswirtschaftliche Fragen.
We are a small, local team of qualified and experienced consultants who have been working in the field for more than 30 years.

In unserer Kanzlei bieten wir in Hattingen und Umgebung beratend Gewerbebetriebe, Freiberufler and Privatpersonen uber alles, das erfordert: – Buchfuhrung (Papier-Buchhaltung) – Bilanzen & Steuererklarungen – Jahresabschlusses / Lohn- & Gehaltsabrechnungen – Unternehmensgründung bis zu dem Verkauf / Nachfolgeregelung – all this with your own personalised service.

As a result of our highly-professional, individual and bespoke advice you can be sure that you will get the best possible recompense for all your investments.

The expert staff of our tax office is ready to assist you in all aspects of your business or private life.

With our experience and the wealth of knowledge in this area we are able to help you develop your business, whether you are a newcomer to the area or already have an established company.

Our reassurance is based on a deep understanding of the German tax system and its regulations, which allows us to provide you with a comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date range of services and solutions tailored to your particular situation.

We are able to draw on our extensive experience in the field of commercial law, taxation and corporate finance to assist you with your company’s legal issues or represent you when dealing with a financial dispute.

Moreover, we can also advise you on your personal tax matters, such as inheritance taxes or capital gains taxation.

In addition, we can support you with your statutory and regulatory affairs, including the preparation of annual and other reports and audits.

Our team is specialised in preparing and completing audits and ensuring that they comply with all legal requirements. We also have a dedicated forensic accounting department, which means that we are able to undertake specialist work in the area of fraud detection. Steuerberater Hattingen

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