The Fastest Delivery in Germany Painting

The fastest delivery in Germany Painting

From the moment of your order, Malen nach Zahlen eigenes bild a courier will bring your parcel to your door within one day. Your parcel is delivered in a protective packaging, using the latest technology and containing only the highest quality standards.

Your parcel is packed in a durable plastic crate and will arrive directly to your home or office. This means that your parcel is guaranteed to reach you in perfect condition, and will never get lost.

You will also be able to track your shipment from start to finish! The entire process is handled via our secure web platform. You can choose the most suitable shipping method, then make your payment via any major credit card and await your shipment!

The art treasures left behind by the Nazis are now being rediscovered. These include Schliemann’s gold “Treasury of Priam”; the 1646 Charter of the Freedom of the Realm from Bremen’s municipal archive; an elephant’s tusk from Luneburg city silver collection; the world-famous Berlin Museum collection of East Asian art; the Hohenzollern treasury and millions of books.

Another important discovery was made last year: in the cellar of Karnsow castle north-west of Berlin, 364 drawings from the Kunsthalle in Bremen were discovered by seventy-two-year-old Russian art lover Viktor Baldin. This was the first time these valuable Durer drawings had been rediscovered in the West since their looting by Russian soldiers in 1945.

The painting kits in the SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts range are produced locally in Furth and are certified to the highest quality standards. They are environmentally friendly and use materials which are selected and processed with utmost care.

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