Various Types Of Plastic Bags – A Useful And Cheap Way Of Marketing

The plastic bag, with its popularity and necessity of it in daily life, has been transformed, changed, diversified with various types to fulfill the different requirements of customers. The more frequently plastic bags are used, the more improvements are made in designs as well as materials. Different types with various substances have been invented to serve for different purposes.

The most popular, typical type of plastic bag is T-Shirt Bag. T-shirt bag is the best solution of packaging for every shop and supermarket. The price is so cheap with popular appearance. With the material polyethylene, bags become durable to be able to carry any object from light to heavy weight with small or large volume. Moreover, the design with gusseted sides gives extra storage space for bulky items. T-shirt bag also can be plain color, striped or artworks printed which is very effective for your company image and brand name.

Die Cut Bag with cut off handle looks like an oval or kidney. The handle is a simple solution without incurring the extra costs of a glue patch handle or fold over die cut, if the end user is carrying something that is not very heavy. Die cut handle bag, also called punch out handle bag, is usually suitable for holding light items such as clothes, CD’s, medicine, cosmetics, small boxes, etc.

Blockhead bag is the type which is under pack of 100pcs or 200pcs by heat hold. The quantity in each pack depends on the customers’ requirement and it is easy to take each bag out of pack for packaging. The main kinds of blockhead bag include blockhead, blockhead with die cut handle, blockhead with t-shirt handle.

Rigid Handle Bag is the great, best choice for companies to implement their marketing strategy. The handle of this kind of bag is usually made very strong and reliable with beautifully printed logo, image. With those features, customers prefer to reuse the bag and thanks to that, numbers of times which customers carry bag increase, brand name of companies catch more attention of potential customers.

There are 3 kinds:

– Rigid Handle Bag: rigid handles are available in black and white
– Rigid Snap Loop Handle bag or Rigid Clip Loop Handle Bag
– Rigid Snap Bridge Handle Bag

Soft Loop Handle Bag, on the other hand, is produced with cheaper price compared with rigid handle bags. Even with lower cost, nice appearance and sophisticated printings of soft loop handle bag can reach customers’ heart easily. Manufactured in different colors and highly durable welded handles make these bags more luxurious than other merchandise bags.

Today, the innovation in technology improves the capacity of industrial manufacturing of plastic bags to satisfy almost the requirements of customers. Shapes, sizes are diversified from very small to large ones. The thickness of bags and decoration with lots of different colors, complex logo… can be adjusted flexibly to customer’s wants with little higher cost. Michael Kors satchel bag

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