Video Editing SDK

Video Editing SDK accelerates development and shortens time to market by enabling powerful video editing features in your application. Users can add effects, audio, animation stickers and overlays to their videos instantly and boost engagement in your application.

Video Editor module provides powerful functionality for video processing including clip, resize, merge, rotate, split and playback to create great video content. It also supports a number of transition effects to switch between clips in a more dynamic and natural way.

Preset filters and adjustment operations are available to set the tone and mood of your video. Select from a range of filters such as radial, mirrored and gaussian blur to enhance the depth of a video.

Over 50 transition effects to connect all video clips in a smooth and seamless fashion. It’s also possible to combine a variety of videos and audio files in one video.

Customized UI with headless API

Power all video operations programmatically and change the editor theme to fit your app’s design. Reposition toolbar elements and change icons to support your use case.

Streamline your UI to make it easy for users to create their videos from a single screen. Easily serialize edits and reuse them in other apps or platforms.

Video content is a key to winning traveler loyalty and increasing bookings. Give travelers the tools to make personalized travel itinerary videos with flights, hotels, attractions and prices.

Quickly implement a mobile video editing solution that can increase CTR, brand awareness, and conversions. Whether you’re creating social media clones, a marketing campaign builder, or a cloud storage editing solution, Video Editing SDK is designed to help your team streamline the process and boost performance.

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