YouTube – Underground Video Marketing Strategies

As with any other strategy that promotes Video Marketing, YouTube is as prominent as Twitter or Facebook, and millions of people log on to the site almost everyday. Indeed, YouTube is one of the most effective tools that can help business owners and entrepreneurs endorse their products, services and even company, and what’s even more amazing is that the site offers this service for free.

Below are few tips on how you can maximize YouTube as an effective marketing tool.

First, construct your profile page by uploading your photo or that of your company and enter brief information that details the services and products that are offered by your company. Be sure to upload a profile photo that will surely attract viewers and make your profile’s “About You” information brief but complete.

Then, add “friends” to your account by informing your current customers through email or SMS about your new account. This way, they can immediately subscribe to your important updates.

In making your clips tools for your Video Marketing, YouTube users prefer that they be short but informative. Do not create them as though they are TV commercials. The best and most effective way of promoting marketing videos is by using testimonials. These are most effective if they too are videos.

YouTube allows other users to post ratings and comments on your channels and videos. Be sure that you monitor these comments and ratings very closely. There are people who tend to write negative comments and ratings. Any negative feedback and comments must be addressed immediately by the company as keeping these negative posts in your message box may make other people seriously doubt the benefits of your product; hence, you must delete them right away.

YouTube also offers a tool that enables you to share all the videos that you have posted in your channel with everyone, even if they are not official members of the site. The share button allows you to enter addresses and user accounts that you would want to inform regarding your new product and services. This will better reinforce your existence in YouTube and will gain you more customers by simply updating your account from time to time.

Also, be sure that you tag your videos correctly. This will assure you that when potential customers type in a particular keyword, your product or brand will immediately appear in the list or the results of the site’s database.

David Blair has worked over 30 years of his life in the corporate world, the last six years as the CEO of a multi-national Company. David hopes to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt social media at the center of their marketing strategies. buy youtube comments custom

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