Auto Detailing Is a Profession

For most people, cleaning their car top to bottom is more of a chore than a pleasure. It’s labor intensive, time consuming, and tedious as all hell. It requires a lot of money to buy the best tools, supplies, and high-end chemicals, but even with all these things, it’s not enough to make a car look immaculate. The world’s best detailing pros all agree that it takes a hyper-focused work ethic, an incredible amount of practice, and a cold six-pack to get a car looking as good as new.

Auto Detailing Is a Profession

For those that can’t afford to spend a lifetime practicing, there are a few car detailing companies that offer professional auto detailing services. This is more than just a normal car wash, it’s a precise and labor-intensive process that involves dismantling the entire body of the vehicle to clean all of the little parts and areas that are hard to reach.

Regular auto detailing can save a lot of money in the long run. Not only does it protect the paint job from scratches and dents, but ongoing detailing can help prevent more serious problems from occurring that result in costly repairs. It also helps the resale value, and it increases driver satisfaction.

Whether you’re driving a car that needs to be detailed for a trade in or are selling it privately, a professional auto detail will make the car look showroom-ready and increase the overall value. This is because the detailing technician knows what the market expects, and he or she will be able to take care of any flaws that might turn off buyers.

In addition to the usual steps of washing, rinsing, drying, and waxing, a professional detailer will often do things like decontaminate the surface of the vehicle. This process removes any bound contaminants from the surface, such as tar or iron fallout, to ensure that the finish stays smooth and free of imperfections. Then, to protect the freshly cleaned surface, the detailer will apply a layer of wax or a ceramic coating.

Interiors will also be meticulously cleaned, including all the seats, floor mats, and carpeting. Specialized shampoos are used to clean stains and odors, while fabric guards keep the upholstery from becoming scratched or faded. Lastly, all the windows are cleaned to make sure that they don’t leave streaks.

Many detailing companies set up packages and prices in advance to avoid confusion with customers, but it’s also helpful to have a business management platform that allows you to track everything in one place. A platform such as Mobile Tech RX will allow you to set up your package pricing, estimate times, create branded invoices, and keep track of your customer database. Try it for free and see how it can help you grow your detailing business.

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