Best Breast Pumps and How to Buy a Breast Pump Guaranteed to Suck Up to You

There’s no Rolls-Royce, no one ultimate best breast pump on the market for nursing mums to go for that’s an answer to every need or circumstance.

In fact the best breast pump for you is any pump that conveniently fits into your budget, lifestyle and is good at its job.
There are a few things you want to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a breast pump though and this short article provides some essential information and advice to make the process a little easier.
First off, the most important question you have to answer is how often do you intend to pump?
Next up is how much can you afford to spend?
The answers to both these questions are likely to be the most influential in your choice of breast pumps.
Let’s look at the first.
Do you intend to pump daily or just occasionally?
If it’s likely to be daily then consider an electric breast pump especially if there are time constraints because electric breast pumps are unbeatable in the quick and efficient department.
If you want to save on pumping time even further, what about a double-pump unit that can express both breasts simultaneously?
A couple of features you need focus on by the way if you’re likely to be expressing in a work place situation using an electric pump are noise and portability for obvious reasons.
The Medela Swing Breast Pump for instance is well known for being particularly quiet in use and well worth a look for this reason.
If time is not an issue and pumping is likely to take place only occasionally then a manual pump is almost certainly the best option.

Yes they can be fiddly and there is a knack to using one but, mastery is soon achieved with a teaspoonful of perseverance and in next to no time you’re expressing with the best of them.
Now let’s look at the question of cost.
Prices for breast pumps are cheap at the low end where – devoid of expensive technological features – only manual breast pumps are on offer.
At the top end it’s the electric breast pumps that dominate with comforts and features at the cutting edge of breast pump science so to speak.
They are – in comparison to their manual counterparts – much more expensive of course.
Between these two extremes and in a market place heaving with reputable breast pump suppliers there’ll be something to fit every budget.
The major players in the breast pump market place are the likes of Medela, Phillips and Ameda and the two types of breast pumps that attract the most buyers are – as you might expect – of the hand-held manual and electric variety.
Foot and battery operated breast pumps are available but are nowhere near as significant on the breast pump purchase landscape as the hand-held or the electric.
A manual pump – the Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump is a popular choice and typical of the breed – is of course held to the breast by the user and pumped manually.
The result is down to practice and the expertise built up by the user over time.
Using an electric pump like the Medela Swing Breast Pump on the other hand can be as simple as a quick fire set up, plugging into the mains and pressing a button, if you’re prepared to pay extra for the privilege that is.
The more expensive electric models even allow you to manually adjust the suction, rhythm and speed at which your milk is expressed then, when you’re comfortable and ready you allow the unit to take over the job which – thanks to an electronic memory usually – it continues to do at the same pace and suction. fire hose nozzle

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