Boiling and Chilled Filtered Water Taps

Boiling and chilled filtered water taps provide instant access to boiling hot, chilled and filtered water at the push of a button. Powered by an underbench unit that’s hidden from view, these taps offer the most versatility among all filtered water tap styles and come in different finishes to suit any kitchen design.

Designed to replace your existing kettle, these instant water taps have a small boiler that’s stored inside the tap body for immediate and continuous access to boiling and chilled water. They also have a built-in filtration system that filters the water to remove harmful substances and improve its taste and odour.

Most of these taps come with their own filter but they can be configured to accept universal filters too. It’s important to consider the type of filter that will be best suited to your home, as the tap micron rating can have an impact on how often you need to change it.

These taps can also be fitted with a mixing valve to mix near-boiling and cold water together for cooking and washing dishes. This allows you to run warm water without having to wait for the mains to get up to temperature which reduces energy usage and can save you money on your power bill.

The market-leading Billi Quadra range has three features in one tap – Boiling, chilled and sparkling (or fizzy) filtered water – for a premium drinking experience. It’s a great option for families because it can be set to dispense just chilled or sparkling water, or you can choose to have both at the same time.

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