Choosing the Best Digital Photo Software for Your Needs

Are you looking for the best digital photo software?  I know, it can become confusing with so many different photo editors to choose from.  The important thing to remember in choosing the right photo editor is to identify what functionalities you need.

There are various photo editors with different functionalities, and you should familiarize yourself with these features to determine the ideal software that will suit your specific needs.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular photo editors.  This will help you decide what the best digital photo software for you is.

Digital Photo Software #1: Corel Paint Shop Pro X2

This budget-friendly, all-in-one photo editor is built with one-click photo-fixing features that automatically transform your photos to the exact effect you want.  You can also easily remove that red-eye, sharpen an image, or enhance its color at the touch of a button.  You can also easily share your pictures to your family and friends.

And if you get overwhelmed with its advanced features, you can always visit the integrated Learning Center where you will get basic tips and techniques on how to use a specific feature.

 If you have little to average experience at editing photos, then you might consider this as the best digital photo software for you.

Digital Photo Software #2: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0

This is a powerful yet easy to use photo editor that is popular among consumers.  It is a one-stop software that lets you manage, edit, and enhance your photos.  It also allows you to find people with its automatic People Recognition, create a scrapbook with step-by-step assistance, apply effects with a single stroke, create the perfect-looking photo with the Photomerge Exposure, and customize your photos with its ready-to-use templates.

This photo editor is ideal for hobbyists.  At a much reduced cost, you will be able create the effect you want and get professional-looking photos.

Digital Photo Software #3: Adobe Lightroom 2.0

Lightroom does not alter your original photos, but only enhances them.  It includes superior features that let you reduce the noise and sharpen your image, get the right exposure and correct the color of your photos.   It also has a tethered shooting feature where you can shoot an image and directly see it right on your computer screen.  It also seamlessy integrates with Flickr and allows you to easily share your photos online.

This software is ideal for more experienced and advanced users.  It provides a wide range of tools to help you manage and enhance your photos.

Digital Photo Software #4: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Photoshop is the most popular and one of the best photo editing softwares available. This is a very comprehensive photo editing tool that has all the features you would need – retouching and adding superior effects will turn your photos from drab to fab.  It allows you to warp, reduce noice, add grains, adjust the tone, and enhance the color of your images by giving you control of its functionalities.   It also supports raw images with its improved raw conversion feature.  The main work area supports tabbed documents to allow you to easily switch through different photos.

It is ideal for professionals who edit a lot of photos and create graphic images.  It comes with a hefty price tag though, so if you don’t really need all the features, then I do not think that this is the best digital photo software for your editing needs.

Digital Photo Software #5: Imagenomic Portraiture

This software is a Lightroom, Photoshop, and Apterture plugin that makes editing portrait photos a breeze.  It allows you to retouch portrait images that will come out natural and professionally done.  It contains built-in presets that let you meticulously adjust the skin tone, eyebrows, eyelash, hair, and other intricate retouching service

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