Disaster Recovery in Connecticut

Whether you’re dealing with an event like a hurricane or a fire, the state has agencies in place to help you through disaster recovery connecticut. The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security outlines the state’s recovery plans in its Disaster Recovery Framework, which is available on the DESPP website. These documents are part of the state’s emergency management program, established under Title 28 of the Connecticut General Statutes and a program administered by FEMA under the Stafford Act.

During an incident, the State utilizes a multi-agency coordination system called the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). Depending on the size of the response, it can be staffed by up to ten or more agency directors who are authorized by DESPP to coordinate and oversee the State’s emergency operations.

Disaster recovery is a comprehensive, long-term process that begins with mitigation and ends when communities have restored their infrastructure and can function independently without the need for federal support. The State’s Disaster Recovery Framework is comprised of the following seven emergency support functions:

Affected communities are also encouraged to work with voluntary organizations such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army that can provide volunteers to assist in areas such as clearing debris, tarping roofs, and assisting residents with their basic needs. These groups are organized through Connecticut’s volunteer organization management process. Other volunteers may wish to make donations of money, food and clothing to help impacted individuals, and those donations can be documented and submitted to the State for reimbursement under a program established by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety under Title 28 of the General Statutes.

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