Dometic RV Cooling Units

When it comes to RV cooling units, there are many different options to choose from. Choosing the right unit for your vehicle will ensure a comfortable indoor environment during all your adventures. Consider factors like cooling capacity, noise level, energy efficiency and additional features when making your decision. With Dometic’s wide selection of high-quality air conditioners, you can find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Powerful Cooling: Dometic’s rooftop air conditioners have powerful cooling capabilities, quickly lowering the temperature inside your RV to a comfortable level. They are engineered with advanced noise reduction technology to operate quietly, providing you a peaceful and comfortable environment. They are also designed to optimize energy consumption, extending the life of your RV battery and minimizing energy costs.

The Coolest Cooling Units in an RV
The most important factor when selecting a new RV air conditioning system is the cooling capacity, which is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). A small unit may not be able to adequately cool larger vehicles, while an oversized one will consume excess energy.

RV Refrigerator Cooling Units
If your Norcold refrigerator has started leaking ammonia or has that telltale yellow residue around the burner, it’s time to replace the cooling unit. Ozark offers top quality remanufactured Nordic cooling units to restore your refrigerator and keep it running smoothly. Our unique rebuilding process includes heavier wall seamless tubing and a boiler design that won’t crack from thermal stress. rv cooling units

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