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Based in Clearwater, Florida, our company provides quality electricians and services. We can help you with your wiring, lighting, or even rewiring your entire home. We are also certified to install security lighting and more. Contact us to get started!

Located in Pinellas County, Clearwater is northwest of Tampa and St. Petersburg. Its historic avenues include Cleveland Street and BayCare Ballpark. Clearwater has a humid subtropical climate. The city is home to the Clearwater Municipal Airport and Coachman Park.

An electrical contractor is a person or business specializing in construction work that includes the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. The National Electrical Contractors Association defines the term as “a person or firm who places, erects or connects any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways or conduits or solar photovoltaic cells which generate, transmit, transform or utilize electrical energy for any purpose.”

As electricity continues to play an essential role in modern life, demand for contractors is growing, especially those specializing in high-voltage projects such as power lines and substations. The industry also encompasses “inside” electrical contractors, who focus on wiring for office buildings, shopping malls and other structures; a third category of specialty contractors is dedicated to integrated building systems such as back-up power, security and surveillance, wireless networking, telecommunications and climate control.

Many of these firms are working closely with customers to identify needs and develop customized solutions, rather than simply installing pre-fabricated components. This approach can reduce both costs and risks for everyone involved, says Wachter’s Stockton, particularly when complex electrical or fire suppression systems are being installed.

Increasingly, specialty contractors are being asked to participate in preconstruction meetings with clients to identify opportunities for better efficiency and cost savings. The goal is to create a smoother, less stressful project for everyone involved, including customers. It also allows the contractor to be proactive in addressing concerns before they become problems.

The same process is helping to improve safety on the job, which remains one of the top concerns for people in this field. Unprotected exposure to electricity is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries, and that’s why it is so important for all people in this field to understand the safety risks and take precautions when working with electrical power.

Other challenges facing the industry include market uncertainties and rising material and labor costs. For example, Rosendin is actively seeking out new ways to streamline processes and collaborate with other trades on the project site in order to remain competitive. This includes partnering with other contractors to identify areas for greater efficiencies starting during the preconstruction phase and using a platform such as Podium Reviews to gather customer feedback efficiently so that issues can be addressed quickly.

While the industry is facing challenges, there are signs of a strengthening economy. The EC&M magazine Top 50 Specialty Contractors list ranked Rosendin eighth in the nation and seventh in Texas/Louisiana. Other local winners include Baton Rouge-based MMR Group, which ranks third nationally and fourth in the state. Its recent projects include providing electrical and instrumentation services for steel and metal recyclers, automobile manufacturing plants and data centers. In Louisiana, the company is working on a number of high-profile projects including the expansion of the New Orleans Convention Center. The company also has an extensive pipeline of projects in the oil and gas sector, as well as healthcare facilities and universities. Electrical Contractor Clearwater

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