Electrical Panel Clearwater

Electrical Panel Clearwater
A home’s electrical panel—also known as the fuse box or breaker panel—is one of its most important components. It is where the electricity that comes into your house is distributed to all of its lights, receptacles and appliances. It also contains circuit breakers, which are safety mechanisms that will automatically “trip” and stop the flow of electricity if there is too much running through your wiring. The breaker panel is a grey metal box that is typically located in the garage or basement and near where the power line enters your house.

Having a safe and functioning electrical panel is vitally important for the operation of your entire electrical system. If your breaker box is outdated, you should consider hiring an electrician to upgrade it. It is a very dangerous job to take on alone and should only be performed by a licensed professional. Some signs that it’s time for a breaker panel upgrade include lights flickering or turning on and off repeatedly, finding burn marks in the breaker box, or frequent tripping of circuits.

Many homes built in the ’60s and ’70s have a breaker panel that isn’t up to the demands of modern appliances. These old panels should be replaced immediately. There are also a number of brands of breaker panels—such as Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco and Sylvania—that have been recalled because they are prone to malfunctioning and fire hazards in homes. If you’re worried that your breaker panel might be made by one of these manufacturers, contact us to arrange for an inspection. Electrical Panel Clearwater

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