Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Ball Valves – On/Off

Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Ball Valves – On/Off
Our explosion proof stainless steel ball valves provide on/off control of water, air and oil and other media compatible with the materials of construction. They are power-to-open and power-to-close and stay in the last known position after loss of electrical power. They have a spring return actuator design that uses one supply port to drive the valve open and the other to close it.

The valve is housed in a flame-retardant enclosure that prevents ignition of the explosive gas mixture inside the valve. The shell can also withstand any joint surface or structural void that might create sparks or arcs, as well as any temperature that could cause an explosion.

These explosion-proof valves are designed to handle pressure drops and temperature changes in the pipeline without damage. They are used to prevent flammable liquids from flowing into the atmosphere in underground coal mines and other inflammable or explosive occasions.

Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Ball Valve is run by an electric actuator that converts electrical power into mechanical force. The electric actuator turns the ball valve’s shaft to adjust the flow of fluids. The valve is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including flanged, threaded, and sanitary quick-clamp connections.

The electric actuator has a number of options to meet your specific application requirements, including on/off, modulating and intelligent type. The on/off type has a manual function, and the intelligent type can be controlled remotely to reduce labor costs. Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Ball Valves – On/Off

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