PVC-U plastic pipe is made of those materials? What role they each play? PVC-U plastic pipe is PVC resin as the main raw material,

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 adding a small amount of additive made through extrusion. Additives include: stabilizers, lubricants, colorants, and fillers. If you have special physical requirements, but also can increase the amount of modifier. But it will not be adding a plasticizer PVC-U plastic pipe manufacturing out how? PVC-U plastic pipe manufacturing process is: by computer processing, the PVC resin, a stabilizer, a lubricant, a colorant, a filler are kneaded, and then pumped into the hopper of an extruder, while heating, by the screw rotation, the raw material goes forward extrusion, so that gradually was melted plastics band, enter die for, extruded soft tubular products, and through the vacuum sizing, spray cooling, spray sign, traction cutting, expansion mouth and a series of processes to produce pipes. What are the main advantages of PVC-U plastic pipe have? A, quality of light: the density of the plastic tube is 1/5 of cast iron pipe, concrete pipe 1/3, you can set, easy to transport, easy installation, construction costs compared with traditional tube, could be reduced by 30% -50% cost. B, corrosion: Plastic pipes do not need any anti-corrosion treatment, it can be used as water pipes containing saline soil can be used for chemical pipelines conveyor acid, alkali, the nature of the medium. C, fluid resistance: plastic pipe roughness coefficient 0.008; cast iron pipe roughness coefficient is 0.013, concrete pipe roughness coefficient is 0.014. Long D, life: the life of cast iron pipe for 30 years, the service life of plastic pipes for 50 years, a plastic pipe is almost equal to two cast iron tube life. E, good hygiene performance: to prevent secondary pollution of water sources, and never fouling. Plastic pipe color appearance and inherent quality of what? We usually see a plastic pipe, mostly white, blue and gray, some say white plastic pipe non-toxic, poisonous gray plastic pipe, also suggested that the gray plastic tube is regenerated tube, do not want to use, in fact, the pipe is not poisonous toxic It depends on skin color, but on its intrinsic quality, so-called white color, blue color or gray color, is my company and the relevant provisions of the special needs of users, in the raw materials were added to the titanium dioxide, titanium or blue black, it produced a white, blue, gray pipes, as toxic or non-toxic and should depend on the internal pipe lead, cadmium, tin, mercury, vinyl chloride monomer content meets the standards prescribed by the State, as the general put gray plastic pipe as a regeneration pipe, which is unscientific, renewable source material tube varies, color mix, manufacturers must increase to the appearance of a certain number of colorants, deepen the color, dress appearance, or gray or black, overmolding

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