Flat Head Socket Screws

When choosing the right screw for an application, it’s important to consider both the environmental conditions and load requirements. Flat Head Socket Screws are durable and corrosion resistant, making them a great choice for a wide range of applications. They also have a higher tensile strength than standard hex screws, and can be driven in with a hex key for greater leverage. However, they require special care when installing them to avoid over-tightening or damage to the threads. To prevent this, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect and clean them in high-corrosion environments.

Socket Screws
Socket screws are fasteners that have a cylindrical head with an internal hex drive built into it, and they’re typically used in applications where there isn’t enough space to install a conventional nut and bolt or maneuver a wrench for installation. This includes equipment and machines where there isn’t enough clearance to allow components to swing, slide, or pivot.

They’re available in several different head shapes and sizes including flat, oval, and button heads. They can also have various threading options including coarse and fine. Many suppliers and manufacturers will include a socket screw hex key/Allen wrench size chart or similar tool with the product to help users determine the correct screw for an application.

These screws can be manufactured from a variety of materials. The most commonly used is steel, but they are also available in a variety of stainless steel and marine grade Stainless Steel options for use in high-corrosion applications. Other popular materials include aluminium, brass, and black nickel. Flat Head Socket Screws

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