German Classes in London

For students looking to immerse themselves in German, the city of London offers a range of options. These include group classes in German, as well as online courses that are accessible from anywhere. There are also a number of language learning apps that can be used to supplement in-person or virtual lessons.

The German modules offered for credit at UCL can be taken by students of all levels of proficiency. Students can start at the beginner level and advance to more advanced coursework that allows them to develop their skills in all aspects of German language and culture. The German language program is crosslisted with other departments such as Comparative Literature, History and Judaic Studies, giving students a unique opportunity to combine a major or minor in German with a different discipline.

CLIE’s evening German classes are available to anyone aged 18 years or older and are a great way for adults to learn the language in a small, supportive group setting. Each term, the classes are designed around a new theme and different materials are used to make them as interesting and engaging as possible. Students are usually a mix of ages and professions. New students who are enrolled on a group course will be required to take an assessment so that they are placed in the appropriate class.

For those who prefer a more casual approach to learning, the free app FluentU is a good option. It has a variety of video clips that are both entertaining and informative, as well as interactive flashcards to help you build your vocabulary. There are also quizzes and a speech-enhancement feature to improve your pronunciation. German classes London

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