How Car Pressure Washers Offer Superior Car Wash Results?

Advances in the field of science and technology continue to transform the way we perform routine cleaning activities. At the touch of a button, dirty clothes are transformed into clean and dry ones. Thanks to steamers, your curtains and heavy drapes no longer have to be taken down for washing. Stains on carpets were an issue for decades until rug washers arrived on the scene. Moreover, washing a car no longer involves the use of an array of equipment, such as buckets, towels, brushes, cleaning chemicals, and water from a hose line. Car pressure washers easily replace all these equipment and offer better results.

Machines designed for auto detailing

Although car cleaning professionals have been experimenting with different types of cleaning machines for quite some time now, car owners were mostly reluctant to try these machines fearing possible damage to vehicle exteriors. The machines being used by cleaning experts were not exactly making their jobs easier, since the machines were not specifically designed for car washing purposes. For instance, steamers did a great job in dissolving tough dirt deposits and stains. However, these dissolved deposits then had to be manually wiped clean since the steamers did not feature high pressure levels. Power washers were ideal for cleaning off dust and dirt from vehicles. However, when it came to eliminating tree sap and squashed bugs, pressure levels alone did not help. This paved way for the launch of steam car pressure washers.

Unlike other machines, these car pressure washers are specifically designed to help maintain vehicle exteriors and thus feature the right aspects needed to get the cars clean. These machines come with high temperatures required to dissolve tough deposits present on cars. These steam car pressure wash systems also feature high pressure levels that guarantee spotlessly clean and sparkling vehicle exteriors. In fact, these machines make car detailing an easy and quick task.

More on steam power washers

Sourcing water from a garden hose to clean a car will generally result in high levels of water consumption. However, switching to the latest steam car wash systems is a great way to cut down water usage, due to its low flow functions. Mobile car wash machines empowered with low flow functions have low water flow rates that ensure the transfer of less volume of water onto the surface. This low-flow function of equipment for car wash contributes a great deal to water conservation in the long run. Low flow also helps make the portable car wash systems ideal for maintaining automobile engine compartments and other delicate parts.

The best car detailing machines designed for mobile car wash feature steam temperatures as high as 250ºF, low flow rates of 0.5 gpm, and pressure levels of up to 1500 psi. For more cleaning power from your steam car wash machine, simply add green chemicals into the detergent tank of the auto detailing equipment. The portable car wash machine also helps melt away snow accumulation on vehicles. auto detailing

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