How to Install a Solid Conservatory Roof

A solid conservatory roof is the perfect way to make your conservatory a room you can use all year round. They help to keep the heat in during cold weather and the light out during brighter months – making your conservatory feel like an extra living space.

Solid roofs are available in a range of materials and can be glazed with uPVC or polycarbonate for the best look and feel. They also come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your home and taste.

You can choose to have a roof that matches the rest of your conservatory or something that makes it stand out as its own separate space. For example, you can choose to have a slate clad roof or even a shingle based roof. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury and style, there is also a choice of supalite tiles which are very similar to natural slate at a fraction of the cost – ask your installer about them.

A Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement

If you’re replacing your existing conservatory roof, your builder will need to carry out a survey to check that the structure can support the weight of a solid tiled roof. They will also want to ensure that the new roof is installed properly so it doesn’t leak or cause damage to your conservatory.

The best solid conservatory roof companies will be able to advise you on the type of roof that is best for your conservatory and your budget. They should also be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of your solid conservatory roof and will take into account any structural modifications that may need to be made to your conservatory to support the new roof.

Once the work is complete you’ll need to have your new conservatory roof inspected by your Local Authority Building Control (LABC) department to ensure that it meets the required standards. The inspector will look at the new roof, the supporting frame and cladding as well as checking that the structure is structurally sound to support the new roof.

If the roof has been replaced with a non-translucent material such as a polycarbonate or glass roof then you may need to submit an application for planning permission. However, this will depend on the rules in your area and it is best to contact your local planning department for more information.

Adding a solid conservatory roof to your property will increase its value as it can be used all year round and will become a selling point should you ever decide to sell your home. A solid roof will also make your conservatory more energy efficient which will save you money on your heating bills. In addition, your new roof will significantly reduce environmental noise from rain and traffic, allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of your conservatory. The insulation in your new solid roof will help to create a comfortable, quiet place to relax and unwind.

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