How to Knit

A fabric that is knit is a type of cloth that has been made with yarn. Knitted fabrics are generally used to make clothing and other items that can be worn or carried. Some common examples of garments that are knitted include sweaters, hats, scarves, and blankets.

Knitting is a fairly easy skill to learn. However, a person that is new to knitting may encounter problems from time to time. These problems can range from a dropped stitch to an error in a pattern. Knowing how to fix these mistakes is an important part of learning how to knit.

One of the first steps in knitting is casting on. There are several different ways to cast on, but the one shown here is versatile and sturdy (although not as simple as the simplest method which tends to unravel itself, leading to consternation, grief, and dropped stitches). I recommend that beginners use this cast-on technique.

After casting on, the next step is to knit the first stitch. To do this, insert the point of your right needle into the first stitch on the left hand needle, from front to back. Then, with the index finger of your right hand, bring the yarn from the ball or skein under and over the stitch on the right hand needle, and draw it through the stitch with the point of your right needle.

Continue to repeat the stitch, knitting each stitch as it appears on the left needle. After completing the stitch, drop the old stitch off the left hand needle and tighten the new stitch that you have just created.

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