How to Play Poker at a Poker Casino

Poker Casino
The game of poker involves the use of traditional rules and time-tested betting strategies to best your opponents. It can be very tense, especially when you are deciding on whether to call a large bet on the river after your opponent shoves all-in. If you are thinking for too long, other players may call clock on you to force you to act, which is against the rules. If you need to take a breather or need to step away from the table, ask your opponent for permission to do so. If you haven’t acted within sixty seconds, your hand is dead.

Almost every casino poker room has a podium with a host or manager and some video monitors that display wait lists for available seats in games that are currently in play. If you want to sit at a particular seat, ask the host to “lock it up” for you by telling him what initials you are playing under and what game you are in. This ensures that the seat you want will be yours when it becomes vacated.

Never reach over someone else’s cards to protect them. This is bad etiquette, and it also puts you at risk for having your hands mucked accidentally by the dealer. Instead, place a chip on your cards to protect them. Leaving your cards unprotected can cause the dealer to muck them by mistake and you won’t be eligible for the pot. ทางเข้า

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