How to Transform Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Into Modern Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to creating a sleek, modern kitchen design, cabinets play an important role. Not only do they provide storage space for equipment, supplies and crockery but they can also offer a variety of special features like pantry or broom cabinet pull-outs. Incorporating unique cabinet ideas can create a unique and elegant aesthetic for your kitchen and add an element of personality that reflects your individual style.

One of the simplest ways to transform traditional cabinets into modern ones is by adding stylish hardware. Stainless steel or antique brass knobs and pull handles dress up cabinetry, offering a sophisticated touch to any kitchen design. Adding a decorative back panel to a cabinet can also add visual interest and infuse a room with personality. If your cabinets are painted a neutral shade, use accent pieces like patterned tiles or bold countertop material to draw the eye and add contrast.

Another popular option for upgrading traditional cabinets is to paint them in a modern color. A cool white can instantly brighten a kitchen while soft pastels can add a hint of color without being overstimulating. If you’re going with a white color scheme, choose an off-white that offers the best balance between brightness and warmth.

Some homeowners opt to skip upper cabinets completely for a clean and contemporary look. Here, Tyler Karu Design left all the lower cabinets white but refaced the uppers with beautiful WildGrey special veneer cabinets for a fresh update. modern kitchen cabinets

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