How to Use Fun Ice Breaker Questions to Get Your Group Talking

Whether you’re attending a dinner party with new acquaintances, hosting a virtual event or leading your team through a meeting, good icebreaker questions are essential for getting the conversation going. Rather than asking the dreaded “what do you do for work?” or the equally dreaded “how long have you been with your company?”, fun ice breaker questions can make your group feel more comfortable and open up the floor for sharing stories, opinions, creative solutions and even laughs.

The best icebreakers for groups will vary depending on the audience, setting and time available. However, some great options include five minute team building exercises, this or that questions, would you rather questions and question games. These questions are also perfect for remote teams and conference calls, so you can use them to encourage participation from your global workforce.

Some of the most fun icebreaker questions ask about people’s pasts, which can be an excellent way to learn more about their personality and life experience. These questions could include the likes of, “what was your favorite food as a child?” or, “if you had to choose between your ancestors and your descendants, who would you visit first?”

Other icebreakers may be more focused on the present or future. These questions can help your group get to know each other better by learning about their current passions and interests. They can also help them build a more trusting, engaging and collaborative relationship with each other.

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