Lag Bolt Pilot Hole Size

Lag Bolt Pilot Hole Size
A lag screw is a type of wood screws that has a hex head and a cylindrical shaft with smooth and threaded parts that tapers to a sharp point at the end. It is used for fastening wood to another piece of wood or to other materials such as metal. Lag screws are commonly used in construction and maintenance because they can be directly screwed into the wood without requiring a nut. They are available in both domestic and imported varieties.

It is recommended to pre-drill a hole before using a lag screw as this will ensure that the screw will fit properly. It is also important to use a drill bit that is the same size as the root diameter of the lag screw. In addition, it is recommended to lubricate the screw after installation.

Lag bolts are much larger than regular wood screws and can snap in half if you apply too much torque to the head. This is due to the hex head being longer and wider than a standard wood screw. To avoid this issue, it is best to use a stepped pilot hole. The pilot hole for the unthreaded portion of the shank should match the bolt size (3/8″ hole for a 3/8″ lag). The pilot hole for the threaded section varies with wood type. Consult a chart or a wood grouping by American Lumber Standards Committee for a listing. pilot hole for 3/8 lag screw

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