Lyrics For Dream a Little Dream of Me

The timeless lyrics and captivating melody of the classic song “Dream a Little Dream of Me” continue to capture the hearts of listeners for decades. The song was first recorded in 1931 by Ozzie Nelson of the The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet fame, but it was not until The Mamas & The Papas recorded it in 1968 that it became as popular as it is today.

Gus Kahn wrote the song’s lyrics and Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt composed its music. The song has been covered dozens of times by various artists and is one of the best known songs in history. The song has been a favorite with traditional pop audiences and has also been embraced by many other genres of music.

Some of the most famous versions of this timeless classic have been sung by Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Doris Day, and Joni James. The song is also an enduring jazz standard. Other popular contemporary acts to record the song include Barbara Carroll, The Mills Brothers, and Henry Mancini. French singer Sylvie Vartan recorded a version of the song in her native language of French (“Les Yeux Ouverts”) in 1969.

The most recognizable version of the song is by the Mamas & The Papas with Cass Elliot singing lead vocals. The recording was done at Olympic Studios in London and features acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and drums. A saxophone and flute are also used. The song is often heard in television commercials. It was also featured in the movie Grumpier Old Men and Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3D. lyrics for dream a little dream of me

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