Mumbai Night Life – What To Do At Night In Mumbai

The immense enjoyment of the nightlife in Mumbai is well known throughout India and even abroad. Hence, both Indian and foreigner tourists feel attracted to experience the fun of Mumbai nightlife. There are plenty of places of amusements all over Mumbai, for the use of these nighttime revelers. The interested people just need to know all about these entertainment spots and the rules of entering there, so that they can easily choose the exact form of pleasure that suits their tastes and personality.

Types of places that can provide nighttime entertainment in Mumbai

  • Bars of Mumbai – All the 4 Star and 5 Star hotels contain their own air-conditioned bars, where their guests, as well as outsiders can enjoy drinks and music throughout the nights. But there are also several independent bars or pubs all over the busy areas of Mumbai, where any person can step in and enjoy any kind of exotic alcoholic drinks and the special flavors of cocktails in some bars. Now a few low-cost pubs are also offering the alcoholic drinks that are locally made in Mumbai, drawing large number of people of mediocre economic backgrounds. AER is the in-site bar of Four Seasons Hotel, while Dome is the bar run by Intercontinental Hotel at Marine Drive; both offering brilliantly lighted view of the sea beach, at nighttime.
  • Nightclubs in Mumbai – There are numbers of classy nightclubs in the posh areas of Mumbai, frequented by the celebrities, as well as the common people, whoever want to enjoy Mumbai nightlife in style. Bonobo and Royalty are the two prominent nightclubs of Bandra region, where the revelers can dance to the tunes of electronic music numbers, in the well decorated rooms and terrace. Trilogy is another well known nightclub at Juhu Beach, where people can enjoy special quality drinks, dazzling disco lights and music played by resident DJs, while the visitors can dance in multiple dance floors of this nightclub. Tryst is another bar-cum-nightclub in Lower Parel, where people love to drink at the private tables and dance merrily on the dance floor, amidst brilliant lighting arrangements and vibrant music.
  • Live music centers of Mumbai – The music lovers should better visit the places, where they can enjoy the music items that suit their tastes, at the nighttimes. Bluefrog is the most prominent musical venue at Lower Parel area, where the visitors can listen to any type of music, as per their wishes. There are several rooms, where different forms of popular live music are sung by various talented singers; ranging from jazz, blue music to rock music and even cutting edge electronica is played here. The music lovers are also offered wonderful array of foods, to make their nightlife more memorable. 
  • Cultural music and dance forms – Some cultural-minded people may not prefer to visit the nightclubs or bars, for satisfying their urge for music and dance, due to their preferences of classical forms of Indian music and dance. So they can just drop in National Center for Performing Arts, to enjoy watching dramas, music, classical forms of dance, in any of the five theatres of this huge building complex. Some highly cultural programs can also be watched for free here. 다낭 가라오케

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