RV Refrigerators

RV refrigerators come in a variety of sizes to fit your storage needs. The capacity of an rv refrigerator also depends on how many people you travel with and what type of camping you prefer to do. If you plan to camp for long periods of time, a large residential-style fridge might work better for your family. However, if you like to boondock and do overnight Walmart stays, an absorption fridge may be more efficient in the long run as it uses less power.

The type of power you use to operate your rv fridge will also impact the size you need. Residential refrigerators weren’t designed for RVing and don’t have the features that an RV absorption fridge has such as a door-locking system. These fridges automatically lock when you turn on the RV’s ignition. This feature will prevent you from forgetting to lock the fridge doors before hitting the road and losing all your food.

If you are looking for a smaller fridge to accommodate your limited space, a small two-door model from Dometic will be your best option. It has a lot of storage space inside with glass shelves and dual freezer drawers. It’s also energy efficient and has interior lighting when you open the fridge. It’s a great choice for a small RV or even a motorhome.

Changing out your rv fridge can be a simple project or a more complex one depending on the type of fridge you choose and the existing refrigerator cabinet. To make the process easier, you will want to take measurements of the space where your fridge is now so you can be sure that the new unit will fit. You will also need to disconnect the supply line and 12V wires from your current fridge before removing it.

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