Senior Accountant Salary – What Factors Affect Your Salary As a Senior Accountant?

Senior accountants are in high demand and the right skills can help you earn a competitive salary. Whether you are currently a Senior accountant and looking to move into a more senior role or you are a staff accountant in your current company who wants to advance, there are a variety of factors that will impact your salary including location, employer size, education and experience levels.

For example, big corporations tend to offer higher salaries than smaller companies. Additionally, organizations in growth phases will likely pay more to attract accounting talent. Lastly, the type of industry you work in will also have an impact on the salary you receive. For example, a technology company will likely pay more for a Senior accountant than an insurance or financial services firm.

Your personal attributes and accomplishments can also make a difference in your salary as a Senior accountant. If you have strong references from former employers and colleagues and can highlight past achievements in your career such as process improvements, successful implementations, overseeing an acquisition/integration or winning outstanding performance reviews, you may be able to leverage these factors into a stronger salary offer.

Finally, the way you approach and negotiate your salary will also have a major impact on what you are able to secure. Taking the time to learn how and when to effectively negotiate your salary will allow you to maximize the value of your experience, skills and knowledge. Senior accountant salary

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