Singapore Confinement Centre

A recent report on a Singapore confinement centre highlights that parents here are willing to shell out hefty sums for post-partum care. This is especially so when it comes to the upscale confinement centres, which offer a more luxurious stay with services such as a spa, hair and beauty salon and cafe lounge. One such example is Kai Suites, a first-of-its-kind luxury confinement hotel which opened in 2020. Built on the Japanese concept of hospitality known as ‘omotenashi’, which means paying special attention to the smallest details, this beautiful confinement centre offers holistic post-partum care for new mothers and their newborns.

Located in International Plaza, the family-styled confinement centre Singapore Muying Service is known for their high-quality postpartum services and knowledgeable staff that are well-versed in newborn care such as eczema or jaundice. They also have a comprehensive postpartum recovery program that includes physiotherapy and detox. Their confinement meals are curated fresh and provide adequate nutrition for new mums.

New Life Confinement Services is another reputable confinement centre that was founded in 2016. Their packages start at $13,800 for a 14-day stay in a two-bedroom suite. This package includes a personalised nanny to take care of you and your baby, round-the-clock nursing care, customised confinement meals, and short-term postnatal consultation and assistance. You can also choose to add on services like pelvic floor muscle tests and a specialised postnatal massage called Jamu. They are endorsed by Chien Chi Tow and follow traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

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