Some Things to Remember When Painting a Car Interior: Doors

When deciding on how to apply paint to a car interior,

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 there are a variety of factors to keep in mind. This can be one of the most difficult areas of a car to paint when undertaking a full body paint job.  Luckily, our modern era has given us special touch up tools and accessories that can easily be obtained when you are ready to go about painting a car interior.

Let’s use the example of a car door. When painting a car interior, the doors will be one of the main aspects of the project.  It would be a good idea if these were removed from the car itself.  It is also a good idea to remove the windows and mask the areas where you do not want paint to accidentally get on. 

Remember to use the same type of paint for the inside of the door as you used for its exterior and the rest of the vehicle.  Though once in a while it works, do not mix single stage and base coat/clear coat.  It will be quite noticeable.

One must also take heed to make sure the interior of the door is clean before applying any paint.  Sand and dust will have accumulated if you have had to use a sander.  A good air blaster can clean this debris out. After cleaning this material, you can apply the masking. 

Door handles, locks, and any other accessories you do not want to be painted will require masking. Take great care in this process as a shoddy job will lead to overspray of areas you do not want painted.  This will be an easily visible sign that the car has been repainted when you sell it.

The door jambs are also an important element to remember when DIY auto painting. Overspray getting into these areas can be extremely hard to clean up, so it is wise to pay close attention when masking these areas. The best way to mask the door jamb is to open the door of the vehicle and then affix tape along the inner edge of the door.

Next, attach masking paper to this piece of tape and fold it over to the inside the door. It is a common practice to coat these areas before the rest of the vehicle so there is no need to worry about overspray.  I know it may be tedious, but being careful painting this area will make a huge difference in your paint job. ui ux design and development services

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