The Benefits of a Boiling Water Tap

A boiling water tap dispenses near-boiling water at the push of a button. These innovative kitchen gadgets are heavily insulated so the metal does not get hot to the touch and typically have safety mechanisms in place to prevent scalding accidents.

Some models even offer cold and filtered water too, reducing clutter on the sink area and providing a more streamlined finish.

Easy to use

A boiling water tap is a quick and convenient way to get instant boiling water without having to boil a kettle. It works a lot like an electric shower, taking your mains water and rapidly heating it with an in-built element within a highly insulated storage tank. The resulting near-boiling water is ready for use in seconds and can be dispensed with the flick of a lever. This tap can save you time, effort and electricity compared to using a kettle, while also reducing water waste.

Many of these taps come with a built-in filtered cold water supply too, so you can have crisp, clean drinking water on demand. This helps reduce limescale and hardness, as well as improving the water’s taste and clarity. They’re easy to use and can help improve the health of your family, by removing contaminants that can contribute to poor health.

Most of these taps are designed to fit over your existing sink, with a single monobloc tap that looks just like your standard hot and cold kitchen tap. They typically have a red lever for boiling water access and a blue lever for chilled or ambient filtered water, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. A child safe lever and safety button also reduces the risk of accidental discharge.

Reduces water waste

That gleaming piece of household hardware that delivers hot water for washing dishes and showering may seem innocuous, but paediatricians and public health professionals are painfully aware that the tap can also cause serious and often life-changing injuries. Over 150 young children suffer burns to the hands and feet from tap water each year – that’s about one child every hour.

The standard recommendation is a FULL ROLLING BOIL for ONE MINUTE and COOL BEFORE USE. This is a simple and effective way to ensure that the pasteurisation temperature is reached to kill or inactivate waterborne pathogens. However, long boil times can increase power demand and create safety concerns.

Moreover, boiling does not kill all types of bacteria or remove chemicals such as chlorine and lead from tap water. In fact, it can actually concentrate these contaminants and make them more dangerous.

Under-the-sink boilers deliver instantaneous hot water through short pipes with minimal loss of heat compared to a kettle’s long pipe run. This means you can save money on energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Most models come with a tank, so you’ll also have cold filtered water available too – eliminating the need for an extra fridge-sized water filter that takes up valuable space. This is a great option during periods of emergency such as a flooding event when drinking water may be contaminated with silt and sediment.

Safe to use

If you love a cup of tea, make your meals quicker or are worried about water wastage a boiling tap may be the perfect kitchen upgrade for you. This versatile appliance combines style with functionality by offering four functions in one, giving you the option to dispense boiling, hot, cold and chilled sparkling filtered water at the push of a button.

A boiling water tap is designed to be a safe addition to your home, making it suitable for households with children. Most models feature a safety lock that prevents small hands from dispensing the hot water and have specific child-proof features to ensure the hot tap is inaccessible to kids. These include a double-push-and-turn safety switch or a light ring that turns red when the water is dispensed, to warn against scalding.

Boiling water taps are a more efficient way to heat and dispense hot water than traditional storage tanks and boilers. They use a system of temperature sensors and electronic controls to only heat water as it is needed, saving energy and money. This is especially beneficial if you only cook with a kettle or use boiling water for cleaning and washing up, as you’ll be able to reduce the number of hot and cold taps in your home. This also helps to cut down on the number of single-use plastic bottles and filters that are used in your household.


Unlike standard taps our boiling water taps are stylish and come in a range of finishes to suit your kitchen. They dispense boiling, chilled and sparkling water in addition to the standard hot water and are fitted with child-safe handles. They save space on your worktop by eliminating the need for kettles and water jugs and are a sleek and modern alternative to a traditional mixer tap.

Whether you’re making a cup of tea, cooking rice or heating up some instant soup, having a quick and easy source of boiling water can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. Our state-of-the-art boiling water taps are easy to use, energy efficient and help reduce water waste by only heating the amount of water you need. You’ll also save money by not having to buy and store kettles or purchase bottled water.

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