The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Using water pressurized at 100-200 times the strength of the air (that’s 1500-3000 pounds per square inch or psi), pressure washing is a fast, effective and affordable way to blast away dirt and grime from patios, driveways, lawn furniture and even cars and boats. A popular cleaning method in both residential and commercial contexts, regular pressure washing treatments are often recommended by real estate agents as a way to boost curb appeal and maximize home value before selling.

But pressure washers aren’t just a high-powered garden hose; they come in various sizes, shapes and ratings depending on the type of work you need to be done. A good rule of thumb is to choose a model rated for your cleaning job, and make sure the nozzle you’re using is appropriate for the surface being cleaned. A 65deg black-tipped soaping nozzle is perfect for fortifying clean water with detergent, while a 0deg red-tipped jet works like a water laser for removing caked-on rust on equipment or stripping paint and staining from wood surfaces.

Not only is pressure washing a great arm workout, but it also rids outdoor surfaces of bacteria and mold, which are notorious for carrying disease and can be incredibly harmful to anyone with respiratory issues. It also removes allergens such as pollen, reducing the likelihood of flare-ups for anyone with seasonal allergies. And by preventing the premature decay of exterior materials like vinyl siding, shingles and concrete, regular cleaning treatments can prevent costly repairs down the line. pressure washing

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