The Best Bitcoin Mixers

Mixing your crypto coins is a crucial part of preserving your privacy on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin transactions are public and can be tracked by interested parties who want to learn more about your buying patterns. This is when Bitcoin mixer services come in, and they help you regain your anonymity by shuffling and mixing your coins with other users’ deposits.

A Bitcoin mixer, also known as a tumbler, is a website that lets users disconnect their identities from the transaction they initiate on the platform by mixing their coins with other coins in the general pool and private reserves of the service. The user then receives the clean coins from the service on their selected output address.

Some of the best bitcoin mixers offer several features that increase their anonymity, such as support for TOR and the ability to customize the coin-mixing process. Other features include a quick and reliable processing time, no logs, and a variety of payment methods.

One of the newer entrants to this list, Samourai has been making waves as a trustworthy Bitcoin mixer since its launch in 2022. It is a simple and easy-to-use platform that offers no registration, and mixes up to five different output addresses for free. Samourai’s coin-mixing procedure is mathematically enforced, which makes it fast and reliable.

Another well-known mixer, Bitcoin Laundry is an active and legitimate platform that recently launched a Spanish, German, and French version of its site to cater to a more international audience. It records no logs and allows for up to ten output addresses for additional anonymity, and its fee structure is quite reasonable with a fixed rate of just 0.002 BTC.

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