The New YouTube AdSense Player

Recently, I was updating my blog and upon completing the entry noticed a very cool announcement from Google and You Tube. These two titans of the internet have joined forces to provide a new service for You Tube and Google AdSense users.

The program offers webmasters and Bloggers the opportunity to make additional revenue by placing a You Tube Player on their site. The player will show videos and also provide advertising on the player, provided by AdSense.

Enrollment is really easy if you are already enrolled in Google AdSense, simply add the new program to your account. If you are not currently a site follow through the You Tube site to enroll.

After enrolling in the program, you will be asked a few easy questions and be provided with the tolls to create a custom player for your site. There are several sizes of players available for posting as well as several color options. These options should be compatible for practically any site style. With the information completed, you will click on a box to “get code” for your player. Copy the code and place it on your site and you are up and running and now have a new source of income to your site.

The Good Points:

1. Easy to enroll.

2. Easy to use.

3. Entertainment and advertising to boost sales and leads.

4. You can select the type of advertisers that will be placed on the player.

5. You can add Keyword to help place the proper ads on the player.

6. You Tube and Google are planning on adding more options in the future to really customize your sites player.

The whole process from enrollment to having the player on my site and watching the video was completed in less than thirty minutes.

The Bad Points:

1. You cannot tag videos for your player either by a playlist or by category. If I am wrong about this then the next complaint would be to make those controls more visible to find.

2. The player disappeared on day two and all that was left was a link to watch the latest YouTube Videos- Ugh. I did contact Google and the problem was corrected within 24 hours. You have to go through Google for the problems because the You Tube site does not offer any assistance in this area on their site.

For any site that is using You Tube videos, I would recommend you take a close look at this new service and see if it would be a good addition to your site. Knowing Google and You Tube I would expect that this type of advertising will become more popular as new features are added. buy youtube favorites

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