Using a Diffuser Hair Dryer

When it comes to taming curls, there are plenty of tools at your disposal. But one little piece of equipment—a diffuser hair dryer—can play an outsized role in creating bouncy, defined strands. The device looks sort of like a shower head with plastic fingers poking out, but it’s actually much easier to use than you might think. It fits onto any blow dryer and provides gentler, more gradual heat than a traditional blow-dryer, which can help prevent frizz.

The most popular type of diffuser has a deep bowl-like design that keeps the heat and air flow inside, which reduces frizz and flyaways and enhances curl definition. There are also other shaped designs, such as the’sock’ diffuser, but most come in the cup or bowl shape that best mimics the way wavy and curly hair is naturally dried. Look for a design that has a generous amount of prongs or grips (great for lifting and adding volume) and plenty of small, evenly distributed holes for gentle and diffused air flow.

For a budget-friendly option, Courtney recommends the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser, which comes in a variety of sizes to fit most blow dryers and uses a ceramic core to improve shine and moisture retention. It’s also light and surprisingly easy to use, while the short fingers allow you to get into your roots to lift them and add volume. The universal attachment works with most brands, too, so you can switch to a new dryer without having to buy a new diffuser. diffuser hair dryer

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