Vintage Persian Rugs

Adding a vintage persian rug to a living room is a simple way to add luxury, subtlety, and class to a space. Many small shops have amazingly well-curated selections of Persian carpets. Major props to them for that!

But how do you tell the difference between a genuine antique Persian rug and a regular floral carpet that has been made with a high-quality wool, silk, or natural dyes? There are a few key differences. First, antique Persian rugs have fringes that are formed during the weaving process and sewn with the rug. In contrast, regular rugs have fringe that is sewn on after the rug is completed.

The other main difference is the design and style of the rug. The pattern and motifs are what make Persian rugs unique. Antique Persian rugs hailing from city centers are generally more floral and intricate, while those coming from rural villages tend to be more symmetrical. The colors of a Persian rug can also hold meaning; for example, red represents happiness and good luck while green symbolizes hope and renewal.

Authentic vintage persian rugs have short to medium pile (so the wool tufts up rather than being woven flat) and have geometric and floral patterns in deep reds and other jewel tones. The rugs are hand woven, so they have higher knot counts than modern machine-made carpets. Authentic antique Persian rugs are truly works of art and should be treated with care.

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