What Is a Bralette

When it comes to lingerie, the bralette is getting all the love. This dainty little number—which looks more like a crop top thanks to pretty lace and minimal padding—is taking center stage on displays at major retailers, in editorials and even on the pages of fashion magazines. But what exactly is a bralette?

Bralettes have no wires, less padding or lining than your everyday bra, and they’re usually made from soft fabrics that feel good against the skin. They’re perfect for low-key situations when you don’t want to wear anything too structured, or if you need something more casual than a traditional bra for your day-to-day outfits.And because of their fabric choices and lack of structure, they’re also more breathable than your typical bra. So if your bra is giving you that dreaded underboob sweat, it might be time to switch to a bralette.Some lingerie experts say they’re a welcome break from the molded bras that have long dominated the market. And others, including Antonia Gehnrich, a Cooper Union student who wears bralettes regularly, describe them as a gentle, lower-slung silhouette that’s emerging as the new style norm.And though the trend has been bubbling up among indie brands for a while, it’s now gaining traction in mainstream stores. American Eagle’s teen lifestyle offshoot Aerie, for example, jumped on the bandwagon early with its body-positive ad campaigns and approachable social media featuring women of all sizes. The bralette has since become a must-have in the lingerie closet, with everyone from Urban Outfitters and Free People to high-end luxury brands offering them. And for those who want to go a step further than just a basic bralette, there are styles with pretty details and designs that work for a range of different occasions and outfits.

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