Add a Touch of Refinement to Your Table With a Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Add a touch of refinement and tradition to your table with this beautiful sterling silver kiddush cup. Created by third generation silversmith Avi Nadav of Nadav Art, this exquisite piece is sure to become the centerpiece of your Shabbat and Jewish holiday table. This stunning set is available for engravings and personalization to make it a truly special keepsake.

The Kiddush cup is used to sanctify the Sabbath, holidays, and Jewish life cycle events through the use of wine. The word kiddush means sanctification and it is done through a blessing over a cup of wine or grape juice that is said before a meal.

Kiddush cups can come in a variety of forms and sizes but all must be crafted of silver. They can either have a stem or be stemless and they must be large enough to hold a revi’it of liquid which is equal to between 90.7 milliliters and 161.5 milliliters. They are typically ornately decorated with grapes or fruits to symbolize the wine or grape juice that will be used in the Kiddush ceremony. They may also have initials, names or a bible passage engraved on them.

While the gemara (Pesachim 62b) states that it is mandatory to drink red wine for Kiddush, many authorities permit using other types of liquid such as grape juice. In addition, many people who are unable to drink red wine due to medical conditions such as diabetes or alcoholism may also say Kiddush over non-red wine beverages. silver kiddush cup

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