How to Find the Best Portable Pump

If you’re searching for the best portable pump, you’ll want to consider how much milk it can produce, how noisy or quiet it is and how easy it is to clean and assemble before and after each use. You may also want a pump that’s comfortable and allows you to move around while you’re pumping.

Most of the pumps we tested can be worn hands-free, which is great for pumping at work or on the go. Some can even be used while you’re nursing your baby.

The most comfortable portable pump we tried is the Spectra S1 Plus. This is the smartest wearable pump we tested and it pairs with a smartphone app for monitoring your daily output, increasing or decreasing suction strength and more. The flanges are soft and flexible and don’t create indents on the breast like some other plastic models can do. It’s also a closed system to protect your milk from bacteria growth and most insurance plans cover it.

A more budget-friendly option is the Freemie, which is a manual pump that doesn’t pair with an app and can be worn hands-free without requiring electricity or batteries. It’s lightweight and compact, and the single-cup device can fit inside your bra to collect up to four ounces of bonus milk that would otherwise be lost.

Another great option is the Medela Harmony, which has a dual-phase expression technology that mimics baby’s natural suckling pattern to increase milk extraction and encourage more supply. It’s comfortable to wear and fuss-free to position, and it gets the job done quickly thanks to its powerful motor.

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