Cavity Wall Insulation Grant

A cavity wall insulation grant is an excellent way to save money on energy bills, as well as helping the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 emissions. It will also make your home more cosy and reduce noise, softening vibrations that often cause problems in older houses. It is quick and simple to install and requires no changes to the interior of your home.

Most homes built between 1924 and 1982 have a chance of having cavity walls, but it is unlikely that they are insulated. If a property isn’t insulated it can lose up to a third of heat, leaving your energy bills expensive and causing discomfort.

The Green Homes Grant is part of the Energy Companies Obligation Scheme (ECO) and provides free cavity wall insulation for those who qualify. This includes households on low incomes, those receiving certain benefits such as armed forces independence payment, carer’s allowance, disability living allowance or industrial injuries disablement benefit and those with health conditions that can be made worse by a cold home.

This ECO4 scheme, unlike previous schemes, has a more flexible criteria and so may include more households than before. The main criteria remains that you are either on a low income or in receipt of one of the eligible benefits discussed above, but other requirements such as your Council Tax Band and whether your property is social housing will be taken into account.

When installing cavity wall insulation, it’s important to use a registered installer who will be certified by a professional body such as the CIGA or NIA. This will guarantee their work and ensure that you receive the best quality installation for your home.

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