Dometic Cooling Units Review

Dometic is one of the big players in the RV, marine, and overland markets with chest, drawer, and upright fridges. They’ve been around for decades and have refined their designs over the years. This year they have one of the most travel-friendly fridges we’ve seen. It features rounded and reinforced corners, a waterproof LCD display packed with information, and one of the best Bluetooth apps in our test. In terms of performance, it had the fastest cooling rate in the group and was the lightest fridge of the test. It also has the second-lowest warm up rate and an excellent insulation, with one of the highest energy efficiency ratings.

Dometic has been researching alternatives to replace the use of sodium chromate for decades. Their research has accumulated into numerous patent applications and scientific papers. The search for an alternative corrosion inhibitor has resulted in one possible candidate: Inhibitor 7. However, introducing this into the product would require redesigning products to make them compatible with it and a further validation of its function. Furthermore, a higher boiler temperature is required for this alternative to function, and the introduction of this is not technically feasible by the deadline set for the discontinuation of sodium chromate. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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