Choosing a CNC Turned Parts Manufacturer

When it comes to precision machining, the design and manufacturing process of cnc turned parts is critical for ensuring quality output. To achieve optimal results, it is essential to partner with a trusted and verified cnc turned parts manufacturer.

Using a computer numerical control (CNC) lathe, this manufacturing process removes material from the part to shape it. This allows for the production of complex shapes with tight tolerances and minimal wastage, as compared to manual fabrication processes.

In addition, CNC turning is a cost-effective process for producing larger quantities of parts with little to no variance in quality. Its ability to sustain tight tolerances across the entire production run makes it a favorite for applications that require high levels of accuracy and consistency, such as in the aerospace industry.

The cnc turned parts manufacturer you choose for your project should be able to meet your specific needs, ranging from the type of material to the level of finish. A few of the most common finishing methods include electroplating and polishing. The former involves passing electricity through the material to create a thin layer that reveals smoother surfaces. The latter uses fine abrasives to reduce roughages and spatters on machined parts.

A cnc turned parts manufacturer should also be able to offer you secondary services, such as welding and powder coating, that will further enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your final product. Additionally, they should be capable of handling a wide range of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nylon, polycarbonate, Delrin®, acetal, and phenolic.

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